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Video Surveillance cameras will equip you with the tools needed to help provide a safer and more secure working environment for your employees. At Electric, Fire, and Security, our expert staff listens to you and designs an integrated video surveillance security system that meets your performance, reliability and cost needs. Video surveillance systems will protect your property investments including property, from theft or damage. Electric, Fire & Security team consists of highly skilled, licensed low-voltage technicians who can make any video surveillance system adjustment necessary quickly and in an efficient manner. In recent years has been the evolution from analog, VCR-based systems, to digital systems with digital video recorders. Going digital makes image storage and retrieval far easier and systematic. Rather than skimming through hours of videotape to view an image of interest, digital video files can be searched instantly by date and time. We handle covert camera installation.


Our video surveillance management system will:

• deter potential vandalism and criminal activity

• increase security both indoors and in the parking lots

• help ensure the safety of your residents


Apartment and condominium complexes range widely in type and size and require different types of security for the best protection. Cameras should be installed in public places like entrances, parking lots, and laundry rooms. Carefully analyze the areas you want to keep an electronic eye on and we’ll configure the project to meet your needs.


We offer a broad array of domes, and intensifier cameras and digital video recorders to enhance your security programs. The DVR can view, search and record any activity in your building.


Electric, Fire & Security provides security products for encompassing burglary systems. The burglary system should be as unique as your business. We will customize the system that best meets your security needs. The alarm system detects unauthorized entries into protected areas such as apartments, etc. It produces visual and audible alarm signals. We protect you with 24/7 Central Station monitoring.


Carbon monoxide gas is a by-product of burning fossil fuels. It is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, and highly toxic gas.


Life-threatening CO buildups can happen anywhere flame-fueled appliances are in use. Light exposure to carbon monoxide causes flu-like symptoms, and when left undiagnosed, can pose long-lasting health risks. Some common symptoms from exposure include; mild nausea, headaches or shortness of breath.


Electric, Fire & Security provides and install carbon monoxide detectors which alert and help protect your property and residents from the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning.


Effective August 1, 2009, is a new statute regarding carbon monoxide detectors in multi-family or apartment dwellings.


See documentation here.


Multifamily rental housing studies have always indicated that security is an important amenity in many apartments and condominium homes. Electronic card access technology provides your property with computerized control over secured doors. Access control systems use fobs to provide high-quality security to apartment homes. Access fobs can be programmed to authorize and monitor which residents can access your fitness room, spa, or pool. Electric, Fire & Security can design each access control system to best fit our client’s needs because standard keys can be easily copied. You can use a card access system, and simply deactivate someone with the click of a mouse. You can pinpoint who entered which door last.


An Access control system electronically safeguards your property without utilizing security guards. A card access system will:


• Increase security

• Increase accountability

• Reduce operating cost and liability

• Reduce risk

• Show an activity log

• Access multiple locations such as the building, the pool, and the fitness area

• Records all events at all doors on your site


Telephone Access Systems are designed to provide Resident/Visitor access and communication to apartments, multi-dwellings, or condominiums. Durable, and worry free our systems are meticulously designed to protect your properties. Door entry systems add security and communication along with reliability and flexibility.


Telephone Entry Systems can be configured to accommodate your needs. You have many options such as surface, flush mount, postal release and engraved buttons.

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